Agouti Cacao Farm

An organic cacao farm in San Pedro de Columbia, Belize


Agouti Farms offers a broad range of activities for you to enjoy!

Book your visit today! Email us: agouticacaofarm(at)

Chocolate-making Class:

Haven’t you always wanted to make fresh chocolate yourself? Well here on the cacao farm we make it every day! Visit us on the farm and take a chocolate-making class. This includes learning the whole traditional Mayan process of harvesting, roasting and pressing your own chocolate. *Our classes have been documented by travelers all over the world and you will be delighted with the hands-on and unique experience!

Jungle Camping:

Surrounded by pristine jungle mountains and rivers,  Agouti Farms is a lovely place to have an over night (or two!) camp-out! This includes jungle hikes, swimming in the local fresh rivers and eating traditional Mayan food – and sleeping under the stars! Perfect for a trip with a group of your friends or family!

Cacao Farm Tour:

Our cacao farm is a unique and beautiful place to learn all about the local farming industry and how cacao grows! On the farm tour, we will hike through banana trees, citrus groves, and other medicinal plants. This tour gives you a chance to learn about cacao and other plants in a very hands-on way – tasting, smelling and touching everything we pass! You’ll also get a chance to see our beautiful local insects, snakes, birds and other wildlife!

{ We can accommodate large or small groups. }

                                                  Email today for pricing and to book your next trip!


2 thoughts on “Tours

  1. Would like to take the farm tour and the chocolate making tour in November. How much does each cost?

    • Hi, You are definitely welcome to take the tour in November. Our prices are 20USD for the farm Tour, 20USD for the Chocolate session and 5 USD for Meals. We are open 8am-5pm 7days a week.
      Thanks for the Inquiry

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