Eladio's Chocolate Adventure

A Family Owned and Operated Eco Tour in San Pedro Columbia Village, Toledo, Belize


Eladio Pop started farming at the age of 14 after his paralyzed mom passed away and he was left alone to make life in little Belize. He tried to get employment in other parts of the country but after many attempts he decided to remain in San Pedro Columbia to continue to till the soil in order to provide for his siblings.

He was married to Virginia Choco at the age of 18, and with very similar goals they both struggled to provide for their 15 children, 8 boys and 7 girls. After much hard work, Eladio and Virginia have created Agouti Farm – a thriving cacao farm in the beautiful town of San Pedro Columbia. With the help of the entire family, the grow organic cacao and provide personal, hands-on farm and jungle tours to visitors of Belize.

Agouti cacao farm is named after a brown rabbit that is similar to a rodent, and a cultivator like Mr. Pop. It was established 25 years ago when Eladio decided to plant permanent trees, but in a way that is environmentally friendly and healthy. Fruits now grow in abundance on the 30 Acre farm.

Fruits, herbs, flowers, plants and animals that are very essential to Mr. Pop are a few things that makes Agouti Cacao Farm exotic, special and a destination!

Eladio Pop believes that farming meaningfully and providing for family and others is happiness!!

Please come experience our farm… we would love to meet you!


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